Nail Surgery

Nail surgery involves the partial or total removal of a nail (depending on the extent of involution/ingrowing). Either a small section of the offending nail edge is removed to include the growing area at the base of the nail (causing the nail to become slightly narrower) or the whole nail is removed. A chemical is then applied to the nail bed to prevent regrowth.

There are 3 stages to the operation

  • Two injections of Local anaesthetic will be given either side of the base of the toe causing it to become numb for several hours, blocking pain sensations.
  • Once the toe is numb the appropriate part of the nail is simply lifted and removed from the nail bed. No cutting or stitching is involved. The nail matrix, which is the part that produces the nail, is then treated with a chemical called Phenol to prevent re growth of the unwanted nail/nail section.
  • A large dressing will then be applied to the toe and you will be able to walk normally, in open toed shoes/flip-flops.
  • The whole nail surgery procedure should last no more than 60 minutes.


An appointment will be issued one to three days post surgery, where the large dressing will be removed and a smaller dressing applied. The Podiatrist at this appointment will also demonstrate how to redress the toe and supply dressing packs for regular redressing.

A second appointment will be issued two weeks post surgery to check on healing.

Six weeks after the initial surgery a follow up appointment will be offered to check on the healing.