Biomechanical & Diabetic Assessment’s


A Biomechanical Assessment involves an evaluation of the body position, muscle strength, range-of-motion at important joints, and the angular relationships of the segments of the foot and leg. This is assessed whilst weight-bearing and non weight-bearing in order to identify causes of foot, ankle or leg pain.

The information gained from the assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation programme of exercises and possible insole prescription and in some cases, a referral to another health professional such as an Osteopath.

Heal to toe have a close working partnership with Spa Osteopathic Clinic at the Kingston Road, Staines Clinic.  To contact directly please follow the following link: Spa Osteopathy Clinic 


Diabetic Assessment involves an evaluation of the vascular and neurological status of the feet. A device called a doppler is used to listen to the pulses in the feet in order to assess blood flow and quality of flow.

A nylon fibre called a monofilament is pressed lightly against the foot and a tuning fork it applied whilst vibrating in order to gauge the amount of sensation available in the foot in order to diagnose neuropathy.

The information gained from the assessment forms the basis for tailored help and advise to be given, along with any relevant referrals required.